Feature rich without the bloat.

We’re very careful about what features make it into the plugin. The result is a solid, stable, feature-rich dashboard solution that is also easy to use and implement.

Custom Branding & White Label

White Label WordPress & Customize Dashboard Appearance

The dashboard styling setting makes it easy for you to brand the WordPress Dashboard to match your website or brand. You can also while label WordPress by removing any WordPress reference.

Manage Client Capabilities.

Limiting your clients’ capability on their site can be a great feature. Especially when they are not the most tech savvy. Simply assign your client the user role “Clients” and select the features you would like your client to have.

Manage Client Capabilites
Coming Soon/Under Construction

Coming Soon/Under Construction Page.

This feature can either be used as a coming soon page or an under construction page while you work on the website. The Under Construction page will be visible only to logged out users who try to visit the website.

All-In-One Tracking Options.

Here you can manage all aspects of Analytics and Tracking done on the site. This adds the code directly to the header of your website so you don’t need to custom change any theme files.

Tracking Options
Create & Manage Widgets

Create & Manage Widgets.

No one likes seeing a cluttered screen and getting overwhelmed. The hide widget setting is a great way to solve that problem. You can choose the row format you would like to display them, and even create your own custom widget.

Personalized Login Screen.

Give your WordPress login screen a personalized look and makeover when your clients or users login to the site. A little personal touch goes a long way.

Login Screen
Notices & Messages

Provide Messages & Instructions.

Want to leave a custom notice or message for your client when they login into their website? We have found this is a great way to say thank you and ask the client for a testimonial.

The perfect solution for Agencies & Freelancers.

Experience the convenience of Ultimate Client Dash. Take full control of the WordPress admin area while creating a personalized experience.