Rebrand Theme/Notifications

Rebrand your WordPress theme and disable WordPress notifications and nags, PHP errors, and auto-update emails.

What does Rebrand Theme/Notifications do?

Do you use a WordPress theme as a framework to built out your clients website? Do they every get confused when they see this theme name when they log into their site? This is a thing of the past! Rebrand theme allows you to replace the instances the theme name is used in the WordPress dashboard with your own custom rebrand name.


WordPress notifications and nags can be confusing and overwhelming for clients who have never used WordPress before. Ultimate Client Dash gives you the ability to disable client notifications and nags, fatal error emails, and auto update email notifications.


Replace and use of the them name with our own in the WordPress dashboard.

Disable client nags & notices in the WordPress dashboard.

Disable fatal PHP error protection email notifications. Added in WordPress 5.2.

Disable the WordPress auto update email notification.

Hide Ultimate Client Dash from the plugin list for user role 'Client'.


The perfect solution for agencies & freelancers

Experience the convenience of Ultimate Client Dash. Take full control of the WordPress admin area while creating a personalized experience.