Landing Page

Easily create and enable a stylish landing/coming soon page.

What does Landing Page do?

If you are looking for a straightforward and attractive way to inform your visitors that your website is coming soon or under construction, then your search is over! The Under Construction option allows you to easily put up a landing page, complete with your own logo, custom message, and call-to-action button.


Through the settings, you can also add your own custom branding, and link to your social media profiles on the most popular networks. If you would like to add Google Analytics tracking you can do so through the Tracking Options.


Easily create and enable a coming soon or under construction page on your website.

Add a personalized touch by adding your brand colors, image, and logo to the page.

Connect with your visitors by linking to your personal or business social media pages.

The landing page mode is only visible to logged out users.

Add a call to action button to your landing page to collect information or redirect your visitors.

See a preview of your landing page without having to log out to view your changes.

Add your own meta title and description to the landing page.

Add your own custom CSS to the landing page to create your own template and style.


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