Dashboard styling

White Label WordPress & Customize Dashboard Appearance.


What does Dashboard Styling do?

Ultimate Client Dash’s dashboard styling option gives you full control of your WordPress websites branding experience. With you a few clicks you are able to turn the boring default WordPress dashboard layout, into a sleek one of a kind custom branded experience.

Wish to white label WordPress from your dashboard? Not a problem! White labeling WordPress is a simple click in the dashboard styling options.


With a simple click of a button modernize the WordPress dashboard with our custom theme.

Fly your brands colors in your dashboard with a few clicks.

White label the reference of WordPress from your dashboard.

Remove the cowboy ``Howdy`` text and replace it with your own verbiage.

Change the dashboard link color to match your custom branding experience.

Change the dashboard button color to match your custom branding experience.


The perfect solution for Agencies & Freelancers.

Experience the convenience of Ultimate Client Dash. Take full control of the WordPress admin area while creating a personalized experience.