Client Access.

Manage client capabilities and simplify their dashboard.


What does Client Access do?

Are you building a WordPress website for a client? One of the best final step you can do before handing over the website, is to set what features your clients can and can’t edit. The Client Access option does just that! Simply assign your client to the user role “client” and select what capabilities you would like them to have.

Not only will this restrict them access to those features, but it will also remove that menu item from the WordPress dashboard decluttering it, and making it easier for them to navigation around.


Assign your client to our custom user role called ``Client``. This allows you to assign certain user capabilities.

Simplify your clients WordPress dashboard by hiding some of the default menu items.

Select from a group of custom capabilities to allow your clients to have access to certain features of the site.


The perfect solution for Agencies & Freelancers.

Experience the convenience of Ultimate Client Dash. Take full control of the WordPress admin area while creating a personalized experience.